If you’re starting out with longer or thicker areas of hair, we’d recommend you start with a trim – Longer will clog the Shave Head, reduce the closeness of your shave and decrease it’s lifespan.

Trim your back hair if it’s longer than 1/16”/ 2mm


Shaver Body, Trimmer head, Trimmer Guard, Newspaper or Towel


  • REMOVE PRECISION HEADGrip the Shaver Body in the palm of your hand. Cup the Shave Head  between your fingers from underneath (like a wine glass) and gently pull away from the Shaver Body until the Shave Head separates from the Body.

  • ATTACH TRIMMER HEAD AND GUARDEnsure that the Trimmer Head is cleaned and free of hair/debris. Line up the trimmer head so the blade faces the Shave Stick handle. Attach the Trimmer Head by pressing it into the Shaver Body – You should hear an audible “click” when it is properly secured.

    Grab your Trimmer Guard and gently guide the Blade into the grooves of the guard. Apply pressure to the clip on the back of the Guard until you hear it secure with a click.

    Briefly power the Shaver Body on/off to ensure the trimmer is attached and functioning properly.

Prep Trimming Area

Set down a newspaper or towel to catch falling hairs (optional).

Trim Hair

Guide the Trimmer Head over areas where the hair length is longer than 1/16” or 2mm, working against the direction of growth until all desired hair has been trimmed down. 

Clean Shave Head

Using the Cleaning Tool, brush out trimmer head blades until free of hair and debris. Store in a cool, dry place.


HANDS ON:  Our patented Shave Stick has been designed for use with the Precision Shave Head; We do not recommend using it for your initial trim. For maximum efficiency, we recommend gripping the shave tool in your hand while using the trimmer head. For the best results, have another person help you with your first trim (don’t fret – with our system, this will be the one and only time you’ll need assistance).

TRIM DRY:  While our shaver works amazingly well in the shower, we don’t recommend trimming in wet conditions. For best results, use the Trimmer on dry hair and skin.

CONSIDER CLEAN UP:  The Trimmer will not collect the hair that’s shaved; This hair will naturally fall to the surface of the area you are trimming in. For easy collection and cleanup, we recommend trimming over a newspaper or towel, in an area with surfaces that can be easily wiped/swept.


Once you’re trimmed, you’re ready to prep your shaver for the main event!

We’ve made it quick and easy to attach our patented Shave Stick, which will help you reach the furthest spots of your back and shoulders.


Shaver Body, Precision Shave Head, Shave Stick, Retainer Clip


Shave Head or Trimmer is removed from the Shaver Body


Attach the Shaver Body to the Shave Stick

Hold the Shave Stick logo-side up. Nest the Shaver Body inside the cradle with the logo facing up. Place the retainer clip above the Shaver Body, with the guide arrow pointing away from the Shave Stick grip. Press down on the clip until you hear an audible “click”. Flip the Shave Stick over and ensure that both sides of the retainer clip are locked securely over the edges of the Shave Stick cradle.

Attach the Precision Shave Head

Ensure your Precision Shave Head is free of hair/debris. Line up the notch on the Shave Head to the notch on the bottom of the shaver body. Gently press the Shave Head into the Shaver Body until ‘click’ is heard.


Bakscape Shave Soap is designed to give you the smoothest possible shave.

Our custom formula creates slippery suds that help our precision shave head glide effortlessly across your back, ensuring a quick and frictionless shave.

This sulfate-free soap won’t dry out your skin – What’s more, we’ve added potent botanical extracts that help soothe, nourish, and moisturize, helping to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.


Apply a quarter-sized amount of shave soap across the shave head before shaving. Reapply as needed


With Bakscape, you can shave your back effortlessly in minutes! We recommend a once a week regime to maintain your smooth and slick results.


Shaver Body, Precision Shave Head, Shave Stick, Shave Soap


Shaver Body is assembled with Shave Stick and Precision Shave Head 

Water-resistant plug is secured in the charge port.


Bring your Bakscape with you in the shower. Apply a quarter-sized amount of the Shave Soap to the Precision Shave Head. Press the button below the Shave Head to power the shaver.

Using the Shave Stick, reach the Bakscape up and over your shoulder, so that the Shave Head contacts the skin of your upper back. Using circular or linear movements, glide the Bakscape across all areas that require shaving. Reapply soap as necessary to prevent friction/shaver resistance. With your hands at waist height, reach the Shave Stick around your midsection, so that the shave head rests on the skin of your lower back. Repeat circular or linear motions, across all areas that require shaving.


WET AND SOAPY:  Our precision shaver is designed to work best in the shower with our (cult-favorite) Shave Soap – This helps avoid friction and irritation, and allows the closest shave. Do not fully submerge your Shaver in water, and always make sure your waterproof plug is fitted snugly into the Shaver’s power port.

DON’T PUSH IT:  Our Shaver works effortlessly without needing brute force. For best results, rest the shave head on the surface of the skin and gently glide across areas that require grooming.

CLEAN UP:  The Bakscape Precision Shave Head is designed to collect hair clippings while it cuts. This reduces the amount of clippings that spill out, making clean up easier. For the smoothest results, clean your Shave Head regularly.

AVOID FRICTION:  The Precision Shave Head naturally exfoliates as it removes hair. Too much exfoliation can cause redness and irritation to the skin, so we’d recommend avoiding any additional exfoliation on the same day that you choose to shave.


Cleaning your Precision Shave Head often can help you increase the longevity of your shaver and ensure you get the closest shave possible. For best results, we recommend cleaning your Shave Head after every use.


Shaver Body, Precision Shave Head, Head Spinner, Cleaning Brush, Wastebasket


Shaver is powered off


Open the Shave Head Hold the Shaver over a wastebasket and remove the Shaver Head, by cupping the Shave Head between your fingers from underneath (like a wine glass) and gently pull away from the Shaver Body. Open the shaver head covers by pinching the sides of the cover and gently pulling up and away from the center of the shaver head.

Remove center foil Once all 5 outer shaver head covers are open, remove the center foil by turning it a ¼ turn counterclockwise and then gently pulling up. If there is any resistance, gently wiggle the foil as you pull up.

Sweep out hairs Using the cleaning brush, carefully sweep out hair from the shave head and covers into your wastebasket.

Spin the head (optional) If any of the foils are clogged up with longer hairs, insert the head spinner into the back of the open foil. Rotate the blade back and forth, switching between clockwise and counterclockwise motions.

Rinse the open Shave Head Rinse the Shave Head under water to remove any excess hairs.

Close the Shave Head Reattach the center foil by inserting it into the hole and turning a ¼ turn clockwise. Close the outer foils by flipping them down towards the center of the shaving head.

Let dry Leave the shave head detached and allow it to air-dry. Reattach the shave head to the shaver when you are ready to use your Bakscape again.


Bakscape After Balm is the ultimate TLC for your freshly shaved skin.

Our custom formula combines rich emollients and moisturizers that keep your skin healthy, happy and looking great! This rich aftercare balm is designed to nourish and protect your skin long after you hop out of the shower, ensuring your back is soft and smooth when you need it to be.